Using your smartphone with your hearing aids is possible with modern devices and comes with many benefits! Thanks to technological advances in hearing, people can be connected to in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing solutions. It is reassuring. These new generations of hearing aids compatible with your smartphone are changing your life.

The End of Crackling with Your Mobile Phone

Some Bluetooth hearing aid models are equipped with an option allowing the person to receive the sound from the phone directly:

  • With this connection between smartphones and hearing aids that communicate, there is no risk of crackling or friction.
  • The connected hearing aid turns into a hands-free kit, avoiding unnecessary manipulation. Also, while guaranteeing unshifted sound transmitted to both ears simultaneously. You enjoy your telephone conversations with an easier understanding of speech.
  • The person does not need to carry the phone close to their ear to hear their interlocutor but uses their connected hearing aids as a simple hands-free kit!
  • As a bonus, listen to all your audio programs and watch your videos with the sound sent directly into your hearing aids! All the sounds emitted by your phone can arrive in your hearing aids connected to the smartphone according to your preferences.
  • Head for Discretion with Mobile Smartphone Applications to Control Your Hearing Aids
  • Smartphone applications for hearing aids are revolutionizing the daily lives of equipped people. Before it was mandatory to use a push button on the shell or a compatible remote control. Now, a free application from the manufacturer of your hearing aid is enough.

What You Can Do with Your Hearing Aid Smartphone App

Wearing hearing aids may require adjustments depending on the sound environment. To carry them out discreetly, from changing the listening program to the sound volume, the remote control is no longer mandatory! Many hearing aids connected to the smartphone can be controlled wirelessly and remotely.

This is through free applications such as touch control or remote control. The wearer only has to find the right listening program or make some adjustments to have optimal listening discreetly.

Summary of the uses of a mobile hearing aid application:

•    Sound volume management
•    Choice of listening program
•    Enabling an option
•    Locating a lost device
•    Link with your hearing healthcare professional

A hearing aid connected to the phone is especially there to simplify your life. It also improves your hearing correction experience!

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids: Direct and Automatic Connection with Your Smartphone
In order to meet the need for more intuitive and fluid use of hearing aids connected to the phone, a range of high-end hearing aids has been designed. A Made for iPhone hearing aid has direct streaming. The phone detects calls and allows them to be received automatically.

The technological advance does not stop there. You can also enjoy your music and watch videos by receiving music and sound from the connected phone directly into your hearing aids. These smart hearing aids can connect with all Apple audio devices, from iPhone to iPad. With compatible connected hearing solutions with direct streaming, it is no longer necessary to buy accessories to transmit the sounds of the different devices in the hearing aids.

Thanks to today’s hearing technologies, connected wearers have no fear of discretion and practicality!

How to Connect Your Hearing Aids to Your Smartphone?

We offer you a very simple tutorial to explain how to activate the connection between your connected hearing aids and your Android or iPhone smartphone. The procedure is done on both hearing aids at the same time. Mandatory prerequisites: your connected hearing aids must be equipped with Bluetooth function and you must have a Google Play Store app for hearing aids on your phone.

Big Benefits

There are multiple benefits of using your smartphone alongside your hearing aid and some of these include the following:

•    Stream audio directly to your ears
•    Control settings from your phone
•    Find your lost or misplaced hearing aids
•    Automatically adjust settings easily no matter where you are.
•    A remote microphone is always there

Truthfully it is the future of hearing aids. For more information on getting a hearing aid that suits your lifestyle, you can speak to one of our professionals at Center for Better Hearing and call us today at 510-768-7091. It’s time to modernize your hearing!