Hearing Aid Clean, Check And Repair

hearing aid repair

Even though hearing aids incorporate solid-state technology, they still have moving parts that can fail. Don’t worry, at the Center for Better Hearing, we repair most all brands and styles of hearing aids. Even if you are just visiting the El Cerrito and East Bay area, bring your hearing aids to us for repair.

Troubleshooting your hearing aids

Most hearing aid problems involve the battery. So, that’s the best place to start troubleshooting.

  • Install fresh batteries. Make sure you wait a minute or two from the time you remove the strip on the battery until you install it. Zinc ion batteries need exposure to air to work properly.
  • Next make sure the battery door is firmly closed. If the door is unhinged, you can bring it to us, and we can repair it while you wait.
  • Double check that the hearing aid is in the “on” position. You’d be surprised how many “broken” hearing aids are repaired by this simple step.

If these steps don’t cure the problem, or if you have feedback or the sound is unclear, bring your hearing aids to us.

Hearing aid cleaning

Even if you faithfully clean and maintain your hearing aids at home, they need a periodic professional deep cleaning. Bring your hearing aids to our Center for Better Hearing and have them cleaned while you wait. No appointment is necessary.

In-house repairs

We can perform most warranty repairs in-house, whether you purchased your hearing aids from us or not. If your hearing aids are no longer under warranty, we will evaluate the problem, propose a solution and give you the cost of repairs before any work is done. Some repairs extend your warranty for a year. Talk to the hearing specialist for further details.

Manufacturer repairs

In the unlikely instance that your hearing aids must be returned to the manufacturer for repair, don’t fear. We will facilitate the return for you.

If you purchased your hearing aids at the Center for Better Hearing, we’ll even provide loaner hearing aids at no charge. Often, these loaner hearing aids utilize the same or even newer technology than your current hearing aids. Also, when you purchase hearing aids from us, you will never be charged for any subsequent programming or electroacoustic analysis you need.