Hearing aids can be quite a big investment; if you’ve recently bought a pair, or are considering it, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand how care for and maintain them.

While most hearing aids come with a warranty to cover the cost of some repairs, it’s still important to maintain them to ensure optimal performance. Curious how to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape? The following tips will help you keep your devices running smoothly!

Avoid contact with water

Like most other electronic devices, hearing aids can be easily damaged if they come into contact with water or are exposed to high levels of moisture. Many people wrongly assume it is OK to expose water-resistant hearing aids to water; unfortunately, these devices are usually designed to withstand low levels of moisture (such as body sweat and rain water). They still should not be completely submerged in water and should be taken out before showering, bathing, swimming and other water-related leisure activities. As well as avoiding these situations, you should leave your device’s battery compartment open overnight so that any moisture that has accumulated during the day can dissipate.

Avoid knocks and bumps

Hearing aids are composed of delicate components, so even slight knocks and bumps can cause damage. Make sure you clean your hearing aids over a soft surface, such as a towel covering a sink or table. Cleaning is an important part of maintaining and caring for hearing aids, but can be difficult due to their size, so it’s a good idea to do this over a soft service that can soften any accidental drops.

Avoid exposure to extreme heat

Excessive heat can damage your hearing aids, so avoid exposure to high temperatures whenever possible. Make sure they are stored well away from heat sources such as radiators, when you are not wearing them. Also, be wary of leaving them in the glove compartment in your car on warm days; you’d be surprised how quickly the temperature in your car can rise even in moderately warm weather.

Avoid contact with chemicals

Exposure to even very small amounts of chemical substances can harm your hearing aids. Many hearing aid users don’t realize that chemicals from personal care products like cosmetics, hairspray and perfume can accumulate on electronic devices when used regularly in “harmless” quantities. To keep your hearing aids in good shape, always remove them before applying any chemical products to your body and never use chemical solvents to clean them. Furthermore, make sure you wash your hands after using these products before handling your hearing aids.

Hearing aids are an important investment in your hearing health and overall wellbeing. Make sure you know how to properly care and maintain them to ensure they will be able to serve you for an extended period of time. If you’re unsure how to care for your hearing devices, don’t hesitate to contact your hearing care provider for a refresher course.