When it comes to finding the right hearing instrument specialist it can be a bit overwhelming. There are probably quite a few to choose from in your area, so how do you to know which one will be the right one for you? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to finding the right hearing instrument specialist for you.

  • Location: What is the location of the hearing instrument specialist office? You will need to consider their relative location to not only your home, but to your work, you children’s school or any other places you frequent often. You want to ensure you will be able to make it to appointments on time and during their hours of operation.
  • Hours of Operation: What are their hours of operation? Are they open on weekends or after-work hours? These are all important to consider especially if they are only open the same hours you work. Sometimes taking time off of work is not an option, so consider hours of operation and location together to ensure you can make it to your appointments on time.
  • Accessibility: Is the office easy to get to? Is the office easy to get into? Is there ample parking? Do you have to pay for parking? Consider how accessible the office and its location are for you. Having to pay for parking or walking up six flights of stairs to get to the office may not work for you.
  • Cost: Consider the cost of the appointment, follow-up appointment, missing an appointment and services rendered. All of the costs associated with the appointment and the hearing aids can add up quickly so be sure to go over with the hearing instrument specialist’s office all potential costs prior to booking an appointment because you do not want to be surprised with an unwanted fee.
  • Insurance: Check and see if the hearing instrument specialist’s office accepts your insurance policy. While many insurance providers still do not cover the cost of hearing aids, the hearing tests and evaluations might be. Speak with the office staff and your insurance provider to confirm what services are covered, if any.  
  • Credentials: Make sure the hearing instrument specialist you are choosing has the proper credentials to test your hearing and to sell hearing aids. Education and experience go hand in hand.

While the list above contains important factors to consider when finding a hearing instrument specialist, perhaps the most essential thing is to make sure you feel comfortable with the provider. Your hearing instrument specialist will be your partner in treating your hearing loss, so make sure you select someone you can talk to.