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CFBH JoanneBrenner

Joanne Brenner

Hearing Aid Dispenser


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Meet Joanne Brenner

I was exposed to hearing loss very early, an experience which set me on the path to joining the caring professionals at the Center for Better Hearing. In third grade, I noticed my best friend always hid in the back of the classroom, afraid to be called upon because of her hearing impairment. It was a small school, and all of us kids were excited when she was fit with a pair of hearing aids. The change was nothing short of miraculous. It was a joy to see her blossom; participating in class and playing at recess. She went on to become an advocate for the hearing-impaired, helping families in underserved communities with hearing loss. Hearing aids had literally changed her life. This inspired me to work for an audio-video company while attending college, and later to become a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. Ever since, my patients’ reaction to becoming reconnected to sound has always moved me. My favorite part of the job is turning on a patient’s hearing aids and watching as they can clearly understand the voices of friends and family — sometimes for the very first time! After 21 years as an Hearing Instrument Specialist, I continue to be passionately committed to helping patients maintain their ability to communicate. I look forward to making a difference in the lives of many new people who will have their hearing restored at the Center for Better Hearing!