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Hearing Care and Hearing Aid Services

More than half of all persons with hearing loss or deafness are 65 years or older. Hearing loss has been associated with dementia and cognitive decline. Don’t let hearing loss rob you of living your senior years to the fullest. Come into the Center for Better Hearing and learn how hearing better helps you live better. We offer a full array of hearing care services.

Consumer Seminar

Make plans now to attend one of our quarterly Lunch & Learn events in the El Cerrito and East Bay area. You’ll learn valuable information about hearing loss and hearing aid technology in a relaxed environment. Bring a friend or family member with you. They are always welcome to come with you to any appointment or event at the Center for Better Hearing. Together, the two of you will discover how to assure the highest success with hearing aids, what to look for when considering hearing aids and how to select a hearing health care partner. You’ll even have an opportunity to schedule a free hearing evaluation.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

You’ll be amazed at the number and styles of hearing aids available today. The hearing health specialists at Center for Better Hearing use the latest instruments and techniques to evaluate your ability to hear accurately. Your hearing needs, lifestyle, budget and cosmetic concerns will all be factored into the recommendation of the right hearing aid technology for you. Our patient-centered approach ensures your goals are our goals when it comes to hearing better.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

The best outcomes with hearing aids are the result of properly customizing the hearing experience. Since hearing is highly personal, it only makes sense that your hearing aid programs should be highly personalized too. Hearing with your hearing aids for the first time is an exciting experience. We strive to make it as perfect as possible.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Most routine hearing aid maintenance can be done at home. However, we encourage you to bring your hearing aids in for a deep cleaning on a regular basis. Our hearing specialists have the equipment to deep clean even the smallest hearing aids. If you ever have a problem with your devices, don’t worry. We can make most repairs while you wait. If your hearing aids must be returned to the manufacturer, we will even take care of that for you too.

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