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CFBH NicoleSkinner

Nicole Skinner

Hearing Aid Dispenser

(510) 526-3824

[email protected]

Meet Nicole Skinner

I always knew I wanted to go into healthcare; I just wasn’t sure which specialty would be the one for me. I learned about the field of audiology while checking off a requirement for my high-school graduation, which was to job-shadow a professional in a field of interest for a day. Audiology wasn’t in my sight until my mother started having ear issues. She ended up seeing an audiologist, and during her appointment she managed to set up a day for me to shadow her audiologist. While spending the day in the office, sitting in on appointments, observing hearing tests, and noticing how personal the appointments could be when the audiologist discussed hearing aids with patients, I immediately knew I had found my calling. From there, I received an Associate of Applied Science degree in hearing instrument technology at Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington. I moved to the Bay Area in 2018, which led me to the Center for Better Hearing. Along with the amazing sunshine that is out for most of the year, I now get to work next to my friendly, caring, talented work colleagues, learning from their 20+ years of experience in the hearing industry. Today I enjoy working with people through their struggles with hearing impairments and witnessing how hearing aids can drastically change and improve their lives. It is especially rewarding for me to see how I have helped people to change the way they communicate with loved ones and to reintroduce themselves into activities they had shied away from due to hearing difficulties.